Services and Pricing

At NestBuilders, we offer a full range of housekeeping services to keep your home clean, and comfortable. We use nothing but, safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and hold to the belief that the most natural is the best. We use both Mrs. Meyer’s and J.R. Watkins and when suitable, just plain old Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar. Upon request, we will endeavor to use scent free products and will work with you in accommodating both allergies and  sensitives.

We offer a free first visit, to get an idea of the services that you will require, answer any questions and discuss any concerns.


Services and Pricing:

  • First full house cleaning: $150.00 (includes thorough cleaning of every room in the house. Deep cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms, laundry, vacuuming, floors, and unless you specify otherwise, we will also change bed linens and towels)

On subsequent visits, our services are rated at $20.00 per hour, with visits usually taking 3-4 hours. Visits of greater than 5 hours or more will be rated at a flat fee of $100.00. Only 1 house is cleaned per day, and if you require or request extra time, we will never be in a rush to get to another job. You are the top priority!

Additional services: Each of these services can be added to your regularly scheduled cleaning day or can be a one time stand-alone service.

  • Refrigerator cleaning: $20.00
  • Interior Windows: $100.00 (includes a full vacuuming of window and screen, wiping of sill and trim in addition to cleaning glass panes)
  • Cleaning out basement: $125.00
  • Cleaning and organizing kitchen cabinets: $60.00
  • Steam cleaning carpets and area rugs: $75.00
  • Help in setting up or breaking down for a party, or holiday event: $75.00